Construction to Start on Market Street North Ramp January 2, 2018. Ample complimentary parking is available in the following locations. Please refer to map below and keep an eye on signage in each area. 

* Center Ramp

* South Ramp

* Ewing surface lot, Edina 5-0 surface lot, US Bank surface lot, Lunds & Byerlys surface lot 

REMINDER: other “hidden”  spots available for parking (all areas are signed):

  • 1 row of stalls in the Lunds & Byerlys parking lot closest to Starbucks is owned by the City of Edina and open for customer parking.
  • 1 row of stalls by BMO’s drive through (West, facing the South Ramp) is owned by the City of Edina and open for customer parking.

Complimentary Valet Services

Complimentary valet parking for customers and clients will be provided on Mondays - Fridays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. No tipping necessary. Pickup/dropoff locations at: 50th Street & Halifax Avenue and Market Street & France Avenue. See map on specific locations! please feel free to call 612-297-6505 to have them get your car ready and waiting when you are set to leave! 


Market Street Project Updates

New construction will expand our charming downtown, providing more parking, retail and new housing arranged around a series of pedestrian-ways and outdoor plazas. To hear telephone recordings of the progress on the project, you can call 952-826-1616 to listen to updates over the phone. 

**Note: Currently, Market Street is closed to westbound traffic. One-way traffic going eastbound will be open during this time.

During construction, all businesses are accessible and the sidewalks all have walkways for visitors to access each front and back entrance of buildings closest to the Center Ramp. 

*READY* The publicly owned parcels will be redesigned to provide improved parking and a more vibrant experience for all.

*SET* The project will be completed in phases. The first phase is the expansion of the North Ramp and will begin in January 2018. The North Ramp will be closed starting January 2, 2018. The Center and South Ramp will continue to have complimentary parking in addition to the other surface lots in the area, all of which are free as well. We will post updates when the construction of the Center Ramp begins in 2018. 

*5-O!* When the mixed-use redevelopment is complete in 2019, downtown Edina will be THE shopping and lifestyle destination in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Sign up for project emails at Read the latest on the project at Contact Project Communications Coordinator Pat Tucker, 952-826-1605 or with questions. Learn more about the Market Street Redevelopment Project here on the Edina Collaborative website. You can sign up for email alerts about developments and FAQ. 

For employees at 50th & France businesses located in Edina: Visit City of Edina's website to learn more and apply. Employees at businesses located in Minneapolis, please email for questions about parking. 
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