The Barre

A boutique fitness studio focusing exclusively on ballet barre exercise classes with child care offered during daytime class sessions. The founders brought their method from NYC, where they were living when they became hooked on barre classes & the incredible results they found. 

Built on the iconic Lotte Berke method, the barre’s unique classes are a high-energy, music-driven fusion of interval strength training, Pilates & yoga that combine to create a total body-sculpting workout focused on building both your strength & flexibility. Modifications & challenges are provided in every class, so you can customize the class to get YOUR best workout, no matter your level.

The results? A revved-up metabolism, defined waistline, sculpted upper body, strengthened core, long, lean thighs & a lifted seat - we tone the most challenging areas of the body in a low-impact way, and have fun doing it!

No flexibility (or grace!) is required - although you may feel you've gained some after class!

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