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EAF: Empowering Artistic Females

This year, we are turning our Edina Art Fair acronym into our powerful theme: Empowering Artistic Females (EAF!)

Our featured artist is Karina Llergo with her piece "Break Through" which beautifully represents the power and movement of women. Many of our past featured artists have been women (and so many of our artists each year are women!) This year, 57% of our artists are women and over 70 of the businesses at 50th & France are owned by women!

You will be able to purchase Karina's piece on merchandise at the Information Booths during the fair!

We will also be selling temporary tattoos of Karina's piece at both Info booths at the art fair. All proceeds from the tattoo sales will go to Ready For Success.

Ready for Success provides low-income women and men with gently-used and new professional clothing, accessories, and new personal care items suitable for job interviews and the workplace.

Another activity available in the U.S. Bank Kids Zone is our community art project. We will have small chalkboards with markers asking guests "What Empowers You?". Make sure to tag us in your community art project and art fair pictures on social media with the hashtag #EAFempower

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for different art fair specials from our local businesses throughout the weekend as well. 

We are excited to continue to support all of our women artists and business owners at 50th & France!

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