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Fall Reset with Rejuvenate Today Massage & Wellness 

As fall approaches, one of our favorite things to do is do a little life reset. Thinking about getting back into the routine of things, eating healthy and doing a bit of self care is a good way to transition from active summers to the busy holiday season. We love a quality massage. 

Rejuvenate Today Massage & Wellness practitioner, Suzy McClevey, AAS, CMT, is a dynamic massage therapist with a lovely space at 50th & France. One of her specialties is Hot Stone Massage. She also offers Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage along with Aromatherapy. Suzy even can do Pre or Post-Natal Massage. 

Suzy also sells Isotonix, which are supplements designed to help maximize the benefits of the vitamins and minerals you are taking. It's website states, ""Isotonic" means having the same fluid pressure as your other bodily fluids like blood and tears. When you eat food, drink a beverage, or take a pill or capsule, your stomach must first secrete diluting juices, enzymes, hydrochloric acid, and at least one vitamin-binding protein to continue the process of digestion." Isotonix bypasses the process of digestion and starts absorbing within 8-10 minutes with 96% to 98% absorption. 

Suzy's mantra is all about rejuvenating the body and soothing the soul. Massage is a fundamental step in taking care of your body and giving you that space to relax. Suzy offers gift certificates if you want to gift someone a relaxing massage! 

Book your appointment with Suzy here. Rejuvenate Today Massage & Wellness is located on the second level of 3801 W. 50th Street Ste. 250C, Edina, MN 55410. 

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