Sacha Says: Denim and Fall Styling Tips

bluebird boutique has been a staple in our neighborhood since they opened 2004. They carry all your necessary basics while ensuring you will always be ahead of the latest trends. We sat down with owner Sacha Martin to chat a little bit about her personal style, styling services, and how to transform your summer wardrobe into fall.


Can you tell me a little bit about your personal style and also how that influences what you curate at bluebird?

We’re very into simple European dressing— Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and investing in those pieces. Then making a statement with accessories like shoes and handbags. We really don’t have that much color. I would say we are always a year ahead of trends, but classic trends, not fads.


Which is good because it adds longevity to the pieces correct?




You offer styling services as well. Walk us through what that looks like:


Most people think they want me to come over to get rid of stuff, but once I get there, they’ve already gotten rid of everything because they’re scared so they really know what they should’ve gotten rid of. It has turned into me going over there and teaching them how to mix and match clothes, put outfits together, and take pictures. It’s less energy for them to think about having to get dressed in the morning. So it’s like “this item goes with this, which goes with this”, take a picture, now you have all your outfits lined up. It’s also turned into a lot of packing for people to travel.


What is your clientele like, not only at bluebird, but also through your styling services?


I would say 30-40 year old’s mostly and anywhere from a working mom to a stay at home mom. Our clientele is very well traveled, they’re ahead of fashion and they really know what they want.

Basically, I come over, it’s usually 2-3 hours. I charge $1000 but you don’t have to give me the money. No one has ever given me the money. You spend it in the store. It’s beneficial for everyone. I will come over for a few hours and then I develop these relationships where I’m on call all the time. People will text me which is fine or I will run over to their house. But spending that first $1000 dollars, people always ask me “Do I need to spend it all at once?” I always tell them no you don’t, but they always do.


So it’s essentially a wardrobe refresh, then lifetime access to your knowledge and they aren’t paying a styling fee but its benefiting you by going back into your business.


Yes exactly and I tell people, after we work together, you can text me whenever you want. If you have questions about pictures, if you’re out buying shoes, anything.


Do you find that people are always texting you for advice?


Yes, but honestly since I do so many Instagram stories, I feel like people read those so much that they don’t need to text me as much as they used to.


Going into fall, what are some big trends that you see?


It’s interesting, for the first time, you need so many different types of denim for the different types of shoes. Since a skinny leg is basically kind of done. I mean it is done. It is kind of a classic but kind of not. Instead, you should be in a straight leg that maybe looks skinnier. Distressed denim is going away, so it’s cleaner denim is the biggest trend. Then wild outerwear like printed puffers and statement outerwear is huge.


You said you have to have different denim to coordinate with your shoes, can you elaborate on that?


If you’re wearing a pump, your denim should be longer, if you’re wearing an ankle strap sandal, you need a crop jean. If you’re wearing your jean tucked into a boot, it should NOT be a skinny jean, it should be a straight leg jean, a bit looser looking.


What are some of your favorite types and styles of denim?


We have a new line called RE/DONE . They take Levi’s and remake them and cut them all up so everything is one of a kind. RE/DONE has went off and made their own line with stretch in it which people love. Stretch is back, which I thought it would go away but it’s not going anywhere because people do love it. Even if it’s more current and looks rawer denim, people still want that stretch for comfort. My favorite denim is a high-waist straight leg.


So classic.


Even if you have skinny jeans, you should be fading into a straight-leg jean. You should not be wearing pumps with skinny jeans. Period. Straight legs with pumps.


What are your thoughts on cropped denim?


All denim is technically cropped, which means it’s just regular length on everyone. “Cropped” just means it’s short enough so you can see your ankle strap around a sandal or shoe. That’s all it means. So that jean you’re putting with an ankle strap sandal, you cannot put with a pump because it looks like you have too much skin showing. The proportions are thrown off.


There is a lot to learn about denim!

 Yes I feel like with denim too, before I’d be like “here is one pair of denim you can wear with anything”. It’s not like that anymore, you need 2-3 pairs of different styles now.


What are some tips you have while shopping for denim?


You cannot be scared of the size because with rigid denim people cannot fit into their normal size. With rigid denim, it’s easier if you don’t have a lot of muscle because you can squeeze into it. But if you have some muscle, you have to go up a size and people hate doing that. You can’t look at sizes anymore.

 Also, when you come out of the fitting room, it should look how you want it to look. Back in the day they would say “buy it as tight as you can because it’s going to bag out”. That is not the truth anymore. It needs to look good now because it’s not stretching out and no one should ever be washing their jeans. Levi's are the one line, because they’re $100, they bag out. So you just have to wash and dry them and they are back to their shape. With expensive jeans, you should only be washing them twice a year.


How long should a good pair of denim last you?


It’s funny because with my RE/DONE's, I’ve probably worn them 500 times. It was the first pair of jeans I had to get fixed because I love them so much. Most jeans last you forever because realistically you’re going to buy something new in 5 years. That’s the same about washing them too, the more you wash your clothes, the more wear you’re putting on them.


What are some ways we can transition our summer wardrobe into the fall without having to spend too much?


That’s a great question. I tell everyone, even now, summer is over. It’s about putting shorts with sweaters and sweatshirts. It’s about having one summer piece on with one fall piece to make it look transitional. Wear your shorts with a sweater and boot/bootie. Or wearing jeans with a summer sandal, you know what I mean? It’s mixing something fall and summer together in one outfit to make it look like you’re in the right season.


What is one piece right now either in your closet or in the store that you are absolutely obsessed with?


I’m always obsessed with my jeans. Also bodysuits. I wear a bodysuit out with jeans every day and I just change up my shoes, bags, or jewelry. My other obsession is oversize blazers. It’s cold here so men’s oversize blazers are huge, jackets are the key things.


If you have not done so already, follow Sacha on Instagram @sachabluebird for daily styling tips (we’re obsessed) and @bluebirdedina to stay up to date on all the incoming fall pieces!



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