School's Out; Summer's IN...

Ahhhhh, summer!!!! Nothing better than spending time outside with your loved ones and enjoying all the lovely things that summertime brings. We love to sit by our fountain at 50th & France and watch the kids dip their feet!

Fun outdoor toys available at Goodnight Moon {$12-15}

The perfect gift for a baby shower (or your baby) In my opinion EVERY baby should have this EDINA shirt {$23, available at Pacifier}

Delicious cold treats- gummy bears; YES PLEASE! {Yogurt Lab}

Accessories for your dapper dude {Goodnight Moon - $12-25}

And for your dainty lil' lady {Pacifier- Dress $50 & Headband $12}

Fun in the Tub! {Moldable soap available at Lush- $6.95}

AND what about me, you parents ask!!!! Never fear, College Nannies + Tutors is here! Free nanny enrollment (value $149) so you can have your own Summer Date Night! Enjoy!

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