Spring Break Beauty Tips

If you're lucky enough to be traveling somewhere warm and tropical for spring break this year, it's important to take care of your hair, skin and nails in a different climate. Planning a spring break trip can be a lot of work, so we've curated helpful tips from a group of our health and beauty businesses on how to prepare for your vacation. The best part is that most of the tips and products are helpful in the spring and summer even in Minnesota! 

A La Mode Boutique & Nail Spa: Don't forget to book your spring break appointments early! Spring Break Ready at A La Mode Boutique & Nail Spa.  CND - Creative Nail Design, Deborah Lippmann products available. 

Cos Bar: Spring Into Beauty! Have you updated your look for the season? Let Cos Bar bring out the best you for Spring! All of the latest trends involve fun, fresh and romantic shades from a pink sorbet to a vibrant turquoise. Tom Ford introduced a fragrance reminiscent of sun-kissed skin on a white sand beach with salt water in the air called "Soleil Blanc" - very warm and sensual. Experience the finest in luxury brands, learn the latest trends that best suit you with a professional beauty consultant who will guide the way.

dpHUE: This spring, give your hair some love with dpHUE Argan Oil Therapy. Perfect for all hair types. Combat your summer hair woes with this amazing product!

  • Protect your hair from chlorine and salt water
  • Tame frizz and fly-a-ways
  • Prevent hair color fading with UV blocking filters

goGLOW: Get a healthy goGLOW custom spray tan 1-2 days before you leave before vacation! It's the best way to have gorgeous beach-ready color when you step off the plane! Remember to book all of your vacation prep before the tan (i.e. mani/pedi, waxing, facials) and do the tan as the last step of your beautifying schedule! Online booking available at www.goglow.co.  

The Skin Care “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Spring Breakz provided by Zel Skin Specialists:

Many of us are anxious to leave Minnesota for our warm weather destinations. The warm sun and sand beneath our toes will feel heavenly after months cooped up in our snow boots and parkas. Let’s review how to safely enjoy your vacation.


-Avoid any exfoliating treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasions two weeks prior to your trip. This will prevent an inflammatory response in your skin, making you less susceptible to burning.

-Do NOT get a base tan. There is no such thing as a safe tan. It is a fallacy to think that tanning beds are safe. All UV radiation is the result of damage to the skin.

-DO get a spray tan if you want to show up already bronzed. Pack some self-tanner you can reapply at night if desired.

-Purchase and pack enough sunscreen with an SPF 30+. Don’t forget one for your lips.

-Pack a 3 inch wide brim hat (visors and baseball hats are not sufficient) and sun protective clothing. Also, pack a large pair of sunglasses.


-Apply liberal amounts of your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before outdoor exposure. We are talking about the size of golf balls for the entire body and at least silver dollar size for your face, neck, and chest. Put your lip sunscreen on too.

-Don’t forget your ears, hands, feet, and the back of the neck. Men, remember to cover your scalp. Ladies, don’t forget the part in your hair.

-Reapply this sunscreen every 40-80 minutes if swimming or sweating. A good rule of thumb is every 1-2 hours, particularly when we Minnesotans are not used to the strength of the sun in most of these lovely destinations.

-Ladies, avoid lip gloss. This will actually attract more UV light to area. Use a hydrating lip balm with SPF instead.

-Wear your wide brim hat, sunglasses, and sun protective clothing as much as possible.


- Avoid any exfoliating treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasions two weeks after your trip. This will prevent adding to any inflammation your skin encountered during your trip.

-Wait one week before resuming any topical exfoliants such retinols or mechanical cleansing brushes. This will further protect your skin’s delicate barrier.

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