Spruce Flowers And Home

Welcome Spruce to 50th & France!

Spruce is well known for their wedding services but they also have an impressive new program called Living With Flowers.

Straight from their website, a brief discretion,

"At Spruce, we believe that living with flowers has a positive impact on our lives.
We believe this so strongly, that we have created a program to help bring flowers
into your home. Flowers and plants are living home accessories that complete your
room and reflect yours type. Our team of designers will visit your home to get an
idea of your style and the character of the rooms you would like flowers in.
We will work with you to develop a design plan to fit your needs. And for participating
in the program, you will receive 20% off your Spruce purchases for other occasions."

Spruce has you covered, this program lets you set up your own delivery schedule.
You can choose to have your flowers delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Try the Living With Flowers program today and greet Spring the right way!

If you're missing the cold stop in and take a small tour in Spruce's cooler. They leave the temperature at 40 degrees Fahrenheit!

Take a Class with Spruce!

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